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An Ocean of Trees

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a high strategic priority for Bible translation in Africa, with around 3.5 million people without Scripture—speaking 91 different languages.

In recent years we’ve been steadily increasing our support for Bible translation there, partnering with local Christians committed to getting God’s Word to their people. Today we have the opportunity to share in launching translations in several of these languages, and you may be the key!

We are recruiting for a Language Program Manager to coordinate the teamwork and budgets for these new translation teams. We also need an IT Specialist to manage the communications network, linking remote teams to their main office.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is an Ocean of Trees – that is what impressed me the first time I visited. I had just flown a small airplane across the Atlantic, so I had a fresh impression of the ocean’s vastness.

Then I had flown across the Western Sahara desert. From horizon to horizon, an ocean of sand. As I flew into Central Africa, the contrast of emerald green trees was breathtaking. It truly is a jungle out there!

Both of these positions are located in Gemena, DRC. This is the provincial center in the northwestern region, a city of around 138,000 people. The international team there uses French as their working language; so get ready to learn conversational French!

No language experience is required for the Language Program Manager position, but we are looking for someone with solid management experience. Naturally the IT Specialist needs to have network, hardware, and software support skills.



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