Lotswa people, Pygmy group in the DRC, Bible in their own language

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This is an update on one group’s language where Bible translation is making a difference.


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The Lotswa people keep to themselves. One of numerous pygmy groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), they suffer from the prejudices of other language groups in the region, with many being captured and forced into slavery.

Unfortunately, their understandable isolation means the Lotswa rarely benefit from progress happening around them, including language development. But that changed recently when a MAST workshop came to the capital city of Kinshasa.

The Lotswa sent a team of their own who were eager to help translate Scripture into their heart languages. And just as He multiplied the fish and loaves, God multiplied the work of these few faithful servants. After just two weeks, they had completed the translation of the Book of Mark.

The jubilant team returned home with a printed copy of their work, and the next Sunday their pastor stood before their church family and read from the newly translated Scripture. The congregation cheered and danced as he read. This was the first time they had ever heard God’s Word in their own language, and celebration filled the air.

The congregation was further thrilled when they were asked to participate in checking the translation for accuracy. And in the weeks that followed, when the translation team took the Scripture into neighboring church-less villages for community checking, they encountered the same response—pure joy! As a result, new churches have formed in several of these villages.

The Lotswa people are truly grateful for a variety of reasons, one of which is that they now feel validated. Time and again, others had denied them the opportunity to have God’s Word translated into their language. Said one humble translator, “We now have value.”


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Below is a short story on the delivery of eye glasses for the Zoro tribe in Brazil. 


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Eyeglass clinic opens doors for future translation efforts.

Pani, from the Zoro tribe, was one of the 3,000 Christ followers who recently gathered in Brazil for a church leaders conference. He arrived expecting to meet with tribal ministries and hear what God was doing. He expected warm fellowship with other indigenous Christians. What Pani didn’t expect was to receive a pair of eyeglasses to aid him in reading God’s Word.

Wycliffe Associates shipped enough supplies to assemble hundreds of pairs of glasses for the event. We also sent out a team led by Tony Pacione, a certified optician, to train local people how to perform vision exams. The days were long and humid for the team, but by the end of the conference, 434 attendees were tested and fitted with much-needed new glasses!

Many of these indigenous leaders are key people who will be involved in future translation of the Scriptures into their heart languages.

This project is a beautiful picture of the body of Christ reaching across oceans to embrace and bless tribal believers in a tangible way. Providing eyeglasses will help open doors for His transforming Word to be translated for the thousands of Brazilian villages still without it.


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Please find our April press release focused on the Print On Demand systems. 




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Wycliffe Associates Helping Mother-Tongue Translators Print Bibles Where Churches and Christians Are in Hiding


(Orlando, Florida, USA)—Wycliffe Associates, an international organization involving people in the advancement of Bible translation is using technology to keep Bible translators safe as they both translate and print the Scriptures for their own language groups.

In areas of the world where the church and Christians are in hiding due to intense persecution, Wycliffe Associates provides compact, high-speed, digital printing systems that can be easily hidden in a safe location.

Mother-tongue Bible translators in these areas have been secretly asking for the printing systems, called Print On Demand (POD), which enable them to publish small portions of the Scriptures or an entire Bible discreetly and securely. A few, or many, copies of the Scriptures can then be distributed to churches.

“The moment they finish their work—even just a portion of Scripture—it goes on the printer,” said Bruce Smith, President and CEO of Wycliffe Associates. “Those translators will head home with the Scriptures in hand, ready to share with their people.”

Wycliffe Associates’ creation of MAST (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation) workshops has generated an increasing demand for the printed Scriptures. MAST, a collaborative, rapid-translation method first piloted by Wycliffe Associates in 2014, drastically reduces translation time. Bible translations that once took 25 to 30 years to complete are now being reduced to a matter of weeks and months. At the first MAST workshop piloted in late 2014, a team of 13 mother-tongue translators drafted half of the New Testament over a two-week period.

“Churches worldwide are clamoring for Bibles, New Testaments, even individual books of the Bible, whatever they can get their hands on, to share with their people,” Smith said. “Our Print On Demand systems can answer the call and meet the need.”

Currently 30 translation groups worldwide need a POD system, which cost $15,000 each. In addition to helping Bible translators in areas where the church is in hiding, POD systems are helping Bible translators in language groups from remote, desolate areas of the world with no printing facilities for hundreds of miles. The systems also make the printed Scriptures accessible to those living in areas of deep poverty where it would be impossible for local Christians to cover the cost of printing Bibles through traditional methods.

“The wonderful truth is, Bible translation is now being launched in more new languages than at any moment in human history,” said Smith. “These translations will move at amazing speed. With MAST, the work will be done in short order. We’ve seen it happen.”

Wycliffe Associates plans to launch 400 new Bible translations in 2017. Last year, the organization launched 315 new translation projects and assisted in 58 New Testament completions using MAST


About Wycliffe Associates

One of the world’s leading Bible translation organizations, Wycliffe Associates was organized in 1967 by friends of Bible translators to accelerate the work of Bible translation. Wycliffe Associates empowers national Bible translators to provide God’s Word in their own language, partners with the local church to direct and guard translation work, harnessing their passion and desire for God’s Word, and engages people from all around the world to provide resources, technology, training, and support for Bible translation.

Because millions of people around the world still wait to have the Scriptures in the language of their hearts, Wycliffe Associates is working as quickly as it can to see every verse of God’s Word translated into every tongue to speak to every heart. Wycliffe Associates is directly involved with supporting national Bible translators in the areas of technology, training, resources, logistics, networking, expertise, volunteers, discipleship, church planting, and support. Last year, 7,097 Wycliffe Associates staff and volunteers worked to speed Bible translations in 76 countries. For more information, please see www.wycliffeassociates.org.

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The following is a testimony of a single mother in Ginnea-Bissau, Africa where a translation of the Bible into the Djola – Bayote language is taking place.





Mom on a Mission

28March, 2017

Wycliffe Associates


“My name is Brigite, and I accepted Christ as my Lord less than a year ago. I am 21 years old, and I have a one-year-old daughter. Her name is Ercilia, and she is my great joy.

“Being a mother is a great responsibility, and caring for Ercilia requires most of my time. But when I was invited to participate in a Bible translation workshop to help translate the Holy Word into my language, I knew I must do it. 

“My people, the Djola Bayote, live in Guinea-Bissau in Africa. In our culture, most people believe many gods and spirits exist. They very much need to know about the one true God. So I must translate the Scriptures for them, so they can be changed like I have been changed. But mostly I want to translate God’s Word for my daughter, so she can grow up knowing the truths of the Bible and that God loves her.

“The MAST translation workshop was challenging, but it also was a blessing. I took Ercilia with me every day, and she was an extra inspiration. By the end of the workshop, the other nine participants and I had finished translating 22 chapters of the New Testament into the Djola Bayote language. We are very excited about this progress, and we are eager to continue the translation in the next workshop, which will be soon.

“Every day I am thankful to God for working through me to translate the Bible for the sake of my daughter and my people.”



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50 years of Accelerating Bible Translation

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