Mowing Lawns for Jesus

Posted by religion world Monday, January 6, 2014


Grass airstrips are crucial to accelerating translation efforts.

Who knew that lawn mowers could play such an essential role in Bible translation? But in the remote village of Musula, Papua New Guinea, where a grass-and-dirt airstrip makes it possible for Bible translators and supplies to be flown in and out, a high-powered lawn mower has saved the day when it comes to translating the Scriptures.

“One of the unique things about living in Musula village is maintaining the grass airstrip,” said Bible translator Tommy Logan. “Without the airstrip, we have no access to the Kasau people. This is a huge blessing, considering that the people used to cut the airstrip by hand.”

Keeping the Musula airstrip safe takes constant effort because of the region’s extremely wet climate. While nationals are willing to help, they are very poor, and every hour they work on the airstrip is an hour they aren’t working in their fields to feed their families. The lawn mower will greatly expedite their airstrip maintenance efforts. Thank you for helping in this very tangible way to bring the translated Scriptures to the Kasau people.



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