Attn: Fund Beneficiary

Posted by religion world Friday, April 17, 2015

Attn: Fund Beneficiary

I am a Senior staff of World Bank Regional office London-UK. I am
aware of the problems which you have been going through all this while
in getting a fund which was deposited here on your name. I will only
want to give you more information's about the fund if you are ready
to work with me and keep every thing to your self and even to
whosoever that has been assisting you in this matter cause they have
taking you out and making you to put in your money without getting
any thing.

Presently with the vital information's i was made to understand that
you have putting much of your money and you are financially broke on
the cause of this business which has lasted years without any
profitable result .If you ignore this mail note that you have ignore
the road to achieve your goal in life and all your long time suffering
will totally be in vain.

I will be retiring from the office very soon this more reason why i
want to help you in this matter if only you will agree to give me 15%
of the fund as soon as i assist you in the release of money into your
home account.

Also,is not right for a banker to be involved in this such matter so
please you need to promise me that you will keep it as a top secret
between both of us and i will help you out in getting this money, it
will sound so bad that our bank find out that am involved in this
transaction and this will surely course me losing my job and going to
jail. The ball is now on your court on what you think and what you
want for your self in this issue, just try and see what will be the
result under 48 hours of your respond.

Sincerely your

Warnes Howegroup
Foreign Remittance director (World Bank)


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