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I am Engr.Franklin Ezeugo the regional Manager of Addax Petroleum Limited Port Harcourt, your email was recommended by our electronic search engine based on your outstanding efforts within and outside your country. As an academia and also a well intellectual and scholar. We are sending you this proposal in good faith and i believe that you will corporate with us to enable us proceed with work with your help.

Addax Petroleum Plc is the largest player in the downstream and upstream
sector of the oil industry in Nigeria. The main focus of our
business is the sale of petroleum products, distribution,
Frequency and transportation of marine products. In connection with
challenges and competition that characterize the energy and marine
and transportation opportunities and benefits that await in the investment
management and employees, the company is interested in
advantage over other players, and always keeps his promises
satisfaction of all stakeholders Addax Petroleum Limited
sources of strong and reliable partner to work with us
to be our international mediator in Europe and Asia, which
you will act as an intermediary between our company and
final consumer of oil in Europe and Asia as well as in the negotiations on
for our successful completion of the transaction. We have direct sources
NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation), with proven
crude oil in the export licenses, which, in our opinion
is a primary dealer in crude oil Bonny Light, which is
high quality oil with high API (low specific gravity) and very
low sulfur content. If our proposal is beneficial to
you then get back to us through my private e-mail address
email me for further information
More information on how to start and further responses on
I anticipate your quick response.

Engr.Franklin Ezeugo


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