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Posted by religion world Friday, September 5, 2014


“When I read the Bible, I don’t understand the words.”

Bringing the Scriptures to South Africa’s Deaf community.

“When I read the Bible, I don’t understand the words,” said young Xoliseka, a Deaf child from South Africa. Xoliseka is one of 600,000 Deaf people in that country who use sign language as their primary language.

“I am burdened for a full DVD Bible,” Xoliseka continued. “I would understand the words in sign language and be able to apply them to the written Bible.”

The Deaf are the largest language group in South Africa without their own translation of the Bible. Thankfully, through the support of generous partners like you, the South African Sign Language Project was launched last year to translate God’s Word into sign language and then record it on to DVD.

Ten Bible stories are already underway, thanks to dedicated people like Diane Lovell. This devoted wife and mother has a deep passion for the Deaf and has fully immersed herself into the South African Sign Language Project.

“The Christian life is about giving glory to God with everything that you are, out of great thankfulness that He has saved us,” Diane said. “The way He has equipped me to do that is to be involved in Bible translation . . . being part of cross-cultural gospel work where the Bible is being brought to people who haven’t heard it before.”

Please continue to bring God’s message of grace and salvation to Deaf children like Xoliseka.



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