Building Business’s in Africa to Support Bible Translation

Posted by religion world Friday, August 15, 2014



Wycliffe Associates Building Business's in Africa to Support Bible Translation

A dozen African Lion economies are gaining on the pace of high-growth Asian Tiger economies. High-tech companies like Google and Microsoft are joining petroleum and mining companies to expand their businesses throughout Africa.

This tide of economic growth is also creating new opportunities to use business models to expand Bible translation to new languages.

In the heart of Africa are two countries that present unique challenges to Bible translation: Central African Republic (CAR), and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). These two neighboring nations have nearly 4 million people speaking over 100 languages without even one verse of Scripture.

Wycliffe Associates is building support for Bible translation in these nations through businesses based in the capital cities of Bangui and Kinshasa.

Critical services needed include print-on-demand, commercial translation, English language training, facility management, and logistics.

In both locations we are recruiting local business leaders to develop and manage the local teams providing these services. Our experience shows that the prospect for success improves when we also have an experienced Business Consultant mentoring these local leaders.

French language ability is essential for this Business Consultant. Although Wycliffe Associates are recruiting bilingual managers locally, government and business communications are normally in French.




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