Flooding in Bolivia slows down Bible translation

Posted by religion world Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Wycliffe Associates is calling for prayer for the people of Bolivia, Brazil and Peru where flood waters have disrupted thousands of lives and homes.


South America: Torrential rains in Bolivia, Brazil and Peru, have profoundly changed the lives of thousands of people. In Bolivia, the 2013-2014 rainy season has affected more than 68,000 families. Farmers and ranchers have lost thousands of farm animals, and their crops have been destroyed. Homes have been swept away or covered by flood waters, and many people have died. In Peru, heavy rains and mudslides have seriously hampered travel by roads. Countless people have been displaced from their homes and villages. In Brazil, the Bible translation personnel, who live and work in Porto Velho, have been evacuated and are living elsewhere, while they wait for the floodwaters to subside. Pray that God will stop the rains and floods, and that people can recover and return to their normal lives and work. Pray for God’s comfort for those who have lost family members.






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