Clean Water in the Congo advances Bible Translation

Posted by religion world Monday, December 2, 2013



Until now, the Bible translation center never had running water.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), in the city of Gemena, a Bible translation training center is budding. And that’s largely due to a new water project made possible by friends like you. Through your support, a new 150-foot well has been drilled at the center and a 5,000-liter water tower has been built. A distribution system also was installed to run water from the tank to the office building, as well as outside of the center for community use.

This is the first time the translation center has ever had running water! Needless to say, it will be a boon to Bible translators and their important work. To further accelerate their translation efforts, Wycliffe Associates also has made a commitment to renovate a storage building into usable translation office space.

This is such great news, not just for Bible translators and surrounding villages, but also for the countless people in the DRC who do not yet have a single verse of Scripture in their heart language.



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