Bible Translators Trade in Notepads for Laptops

Posted by religion world Friday, November 22, 2013


Bible Translators Trade in Notepads for Laptops

Technology accelerates translation efforts in Madagascar, where translators labor in a field of souls.

On the surface it seems a bit overwhelming. The majority of the population of 22 million people on the island nation of Madagascar—a veritable field of souls—still need God’s Word in their heart language. But technology is about to turn things upside down. Because the Internet and technical support is seriously underdeveloped there, much of the Bible translation work to date has been done by hand.

Wycliffe Associates volunteers are installing “BTAK’s”, or Bible Translation Acceleration Kit that includes a satellite hook-up, laptop, solar power station and usually linguistic software for the Bible translators in the field. Bible translators can work in “real time” with linguistic scientists stationed in the U.S. as they live in remote and harsh environments that don’t include communication infrastructures we take for granted in the U.S.

Currently, 10 translation projects are underway, with several more still waiting to get started. Translators are working away on the books of Colossians, Matthew, Luke, John, and Acts. And the new technology, which you helped make possible, is greatly impacting their efforts for the benefit of the millions of people still waiting to receive the Scriptures.


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