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Psychologist testifies siblings murdered parents while under 'coercive persuasion' and more...

Psychologist testifies siblings murdered parents while under 'coercive persuasion'

Nicolette Lotter A brother and sister on trial for the murder of their parents claim the girl's boyfriend, Matthew Naidoo, put the two under a powerful spell.

"He used witchcraft on us. How can two people believe that they are meant to kill their parents?" asked Nicolette Lotter, 29, in Durban, South Africa, High Court.


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Religion News: 5 Mormon Church Stories You Should Read

Mormon Church If you follow religion news you can spend countless hours each day just trying to keep up with stories that involve Mormonism and the Mormon Church.

From among the ones we have read we've selected just five stories we think you might want to read.


Cult-like LRA militia launches new attacks; Viral video goes after its leader

Joseph Kony he Lord's Resistance Army, a cultish militia that has terrorized parts of Africa for decades, has launched a new spate of attacks in Democratic Republic of Congo this year after a lull in the second half of 2011, the UN refugee agency UNHCR said on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, a video aimed at stopping the cult's leader goes viral


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Court in Egypt Court Sentences Priest from Attacked Church Building

egypt A priest in Egypt was sentenced this week to six months in jail for a minor construction violation at his church building, while no one in a mob that burned the same structure down has been arrested.

Coupled with the absence of prosecution against those who burned down the church building, the ruling is clear evidence of persecution and a legal double standard between Christians and Muslims.


Christian rock concert promoter sentenced in $1M Ponzi scheme

Lauren Baumann A federal judge has sentenced a promoter of Christian rock concerts to nearly five years in prsion in a wire fraud scheme that bilked nearly $1 million from investors.

Lauren Baumann, 43, of Downey, California, was the owner of Stewardship Estates, LLC, which collected nearly $1 million in loans, promising investors that the money would be used to host Christian rock concerts.


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